Power Your Business with Microsoft 365

Power your business with custom, simple, yet powerful Microsoft 365 email with access to Microsoft’s cloud applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.  As a Microsoft Partner, you can subscribe with Jasudo to help you achieve more life and work productivity.   Start saying good-bye to leaving files stored on your desktop computer at the office and instead, accessing them while on-the-go using your mobile / laptop devices.


Benefits of Jasudo Email Migration Services to Microsoft 365

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    Microsoft Outlook via Web

    Take control of your email by managing it on any device, at anytime, from anywhere using Microsoft’s cloud access via the web.

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    5-Star Tech Support

    Our dedicated support team is here to help when you need us to assist. Simply call or send us a ticket for anything related to your Microsoft 365 account. We’ll get you taken care of!

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    Data Security and Recovery

    Your data remains secure and safe with Microsoft 365’s recovery and security protocols.

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    Dashboard Management

    Accessing and managing your Microsoft email and applications are a breeze using Microsoft’s user-friendly dashboard. No multiple logins required.

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    Automatic Updates

    Microsoft automatically makes updates to its software and applications, removing the worry about keeping things updated. Now you have one less task to manage!

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    Reliability Guarantee

    Microsoft’s 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ensures that your email and applications will be there when you need to access them.

Additional Benefits For Our Existing Customers

Helping You Build A Cloud-First Strategy

  • Complimentary Email Migration

    As your IT partner, we value and support your business. If you are a current Jasudo customer, we will happily migrate your email from your current account(s) to Microsoft 365 at no additional charge when you subscribe through us. Now you can eliminate the worry of getting started with Microsoft 365 or losing any of your important email.

  • Microsoft Training

    Sometimes using new technology can be overwhelming and we completely understand the challenges of making the transition. Our dedicated ITX Service Desk team will help walk you through getting started with your new email when you subscribe through us. Simply schedule a callback on our website and choose “Get Started with Microsoft 365 Email“.

  • Free Domain Configuration

    When getting started with Microsoft 365, your domain (www.yourcurrentemailname.com) will have to be reconfigured so that it points to Microsoft as your new email provider. We will help navigate that process for you at no additional charge when you subscribe through us. We’ve got your back!

Small business cloud investments are on track to rise to about 25 percent over the next year and 40 percent in about three years.
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