Hosting, Security, Unlimited Edits: One Flat Rate.

No more haggling with freelancers or that friend who does websites on the side.  Every time you need to add a new web page, update content, add images or post a video,  simply send us a ticket and we’ll do it for you with lightning fast turn-around times.  Plus we make sure that your website stays safe and secure.  Join the growing number of small businesses who subscribe with Jasudo to maintain their websites.

Benefits and features of every plan

When your website looks good and is well maintained, people notice.

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    Unlimited Content Updates

    As our most popular feature, we update your website content including: adding pages, photos, videos, music, and elements on your website. Simply send us a ticket. We’ll do the rest!

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    Fast Turnaround Time

    We complete most standard maintenance requests within zero to two business days, depending on your plan level and ticket complexity. Learn more about Jasudo WebShield™ Maintenance Plans for details.

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    Website Mechanics

    Whether its updating plugins, backing up your site, SEO optimization, making bug fixes or updating your websites’ theme, we maintain the mechanics of your site to keep your business welcoming to do business with.

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    Hosting with 99.9% Uptime

    Using our dedicated server, Jasudo provides the best performance imaginable to maintain each website we deliver with a 99.9% uptime.

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    Website Assurance

    Every website we deliver comes with our Free Website Replacement Guarantee. If your site is hacked, fails or cannot be recovered, we will happily replace and re-customize it for free. Guaranteed. (Terms and Conditions apply)

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    Encrypted SSL Certificate

    Every website we host includes an Encrypted SSL certificate for the domain to enable an secure connection. A padlock will appear next to your domain to let your visitors know that your site is secure

More Benefits

Enjoy These Additional Benefits With Your Plan

  • Website Guarantee

    Every website that we build is backed by our Website Replacement Guarantee. If your website fails and we are unable to restore or recover it, we will happily replace and customize it for free*. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Google Analytics

    We add Google Analytics tracking to your site and send you automated website tracking data reports that include website traffic details, page visits and geographic, browser and device data. Now you can see the impact of your site on the web!

  • Royalty-Free Images

    We provide unlimited Royalty-free images for use with your website to give you added pizazz in places where you need just the right image to make your statement on the web. Our graphics team will review your content and select that perfect image for you!

  • Website Advisor

    We are eager to help you achieve your goals by providing design, development and guidance for your website on an ongoing basis. Simply schedule a call online with our IT Project Manager and bring your challenges. We are happy to help!

In 2022, the most common content marketing metrics tracked by businesses were website traffic and social media engagement.
Hubspot, Not Another State of Marketing Report, 2020